OVHcloud puts complete freedom in the hands of technologists and businesses, for anyone to master right from the start.  We are a global technology company serving developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses with the dedicated server, software and infrastructure building blocks to manage, secure and scale their data.  Throughout our history, we have always challenged the status quo and set out to make technology accessible and affordable.  In our rapidly evolving digital world, we believe an integral part of our future is an open ecosystem and open cloud, where all can continue to thrive and customers can choose when, where and how to manage their data.

We are a global company trusted by more than 1.6 million customers.  We manufacture our servers, own and manage 31 datacenters, and operate our own fiber-optic network.  From our range of products, our support, thriving ecosystem, passionate employees, to our commitment to social responsibility—we are open to power your data.

OVHcloud Infrastructure & Software

Our vertically integrated business model allows control over the entire value chain, which better enables efficiency and performance.


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Since 2015, over 1,800 startups and scaleups, from all over the world, have joined the OVHcloud Startup Program and its ecosystem. We provide reliability and security to innovative businesses, helping you facilitate exponential, and international growth.

Reasons to apply for OVHcloud Startup Program:

  • Up to $100K of free tech credits to use on OVHcloud products
  • Up to 20 hours of specific and customized support
  • Cloud solutions to accelerate your business
  • Joint communication channels
  • Use cases & testimonials
  • Webinars and regional/global events
  • Newsletter exposure
  • An active ecosystem of partners

We want Innovation for Freedom and so do you!

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