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The concept of Peer-to-Peer interactions is changing many of the ways we live our daily lives. We have all heard of Uber and the way it is changing the way we catch taxi’s. While Bitcoin has the potential to change the way we deal with currency and payments and file-sharing websites have changed the way we share music and videos.

It is also at the heart of so many new FinTech concepts. It’s the ability to directly link two parties with opposite requirements that’s greatly increasing the efficiency of the transactions and proving successful. Most incumbent businesses had large complex systems that it relied upon for transactions to occur. Broker networks, branches, legacy computer systems and many other aspects meant that transactions were cumbersome and new entry was limited by the large costs associated with entry. Technology has removed much of the cost and made the process much more efficient.

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Make your money count


Borderless Digital Wallet and Payment Gateway – Redefining Global Financial Services for People and Businesses


Your invoices, paid today.
Created by Grapple, not a bank.


Rush is an easy-to-use investment app that allows you to buy, sell and gift gold bullion in a matter of seconds.


A place where you can invest or borrow – person to person, real to real.


Invest securely. Borrow simply. Why zig when you can Zagga?

Manning Asset Management

Specialist Fund Manager

Chopin P2P

Chopin Peer to Peer lending

MSC Group

Professional trustee and intermediary services

Credit Crowd

Smart Lending & Investing


The Relationship Lending Platform


Split the cost of anything


Invest in Australian Real Estate

Peer Estate

Exclusive marketplace for real estate loans


Businesses and investors agreeing their own interest rates


Australia’s online marketplace for loans.


Making it super easy for Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) trustees to get credit where credit is due.


Alternative Funding Fixed Income Marketplace.


Your new passport to global business

tim (The Invoice Market)

The fee-free way to get tomorrow’s cash flow today.


Australasia’s leading Peer-to-Peer lending marketplace.

La Trobe Financial

La Trobe Financial is one of Australia’s leading credit specialist.


Send money overseas at better exchange rates, with no hidden fees.


SocietyOne is Australia’s leading Peer-to-Peer lender that connects investors with creditworthy borrowers, anonymously, in a secure online platform.


The simplest way to buy & sell cryptocurrency.


ThinCats Australia is a peer-to-peer lending platform for secured business loans to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).


MoneyPlace is an online marketplace using peer to peer lending to connect investors with credit worthy borrowers looking for personal loans.


RateSetter connects lenders who want a better rate on their money with creditworthy borrowers who want a simple, competitive personal loan.

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