Navexa announces major performance upgrade & more

Navexa announces major performance upgrade & more

Melbourne-based portfolio tracking service, Navexa, last week announced a bundle of new features and overall platform improvements.

Among the new features is a major improvement to the platform’s portfolio performance calculation.

The result of this improvement is up to 10X faster loading times for users of the portfolio tracker.

Also new to the platform is a redesigned portfolio dashboard and chart, which now includes the option to benchmark a portfolio against multiple indexes and assets.

The updated design also includes a new sector value graphic.

Navexa founder, Navarre Trousselot, confirmed that his team has also launched a new report within the platform; Portfolio Diversification.

The new report dives deeper into the sectors the portfolio is invested in.

A bar chart provides a different visual representation of one’s diversification.

Users can view by date range, see individual holdings by sector in the table below the chart, and export the report as an Excel file.

Trousselot reiterated the extent to which Navexa collaborates with its fast-growing community of self-directed investors in order to determine which new tools and features his team will focus on next.

Learn more about the Navexa portfolio tracker project here.