Frollo names Best Money Management App of 2021

Frollo names Best Money Management App of 2021

Financial comparison website Mozo today announced that fintech startup Frollo has won their expert choice award for ‘Best Australian Money Management app of 2021’.

Mozo’s expert judges thoroughly reviewed Australian money management apps on the following criteria:

  • Transaction categorisation: Are transactions automatically categorised in the app and what kind of control do users have when it comes to creating new categories.
  • Budgeting: Can users establish and control their own budgets in the app and how well does it visualise and help users assess their budgets.
  • Security: Does the app come with security measures such as two-factor authentication.
  • Alerts and insights: Can the app alert you when your bills are due, or when you hit specific milestones.
  • Provider coverage: The providers from which users can link their accounts

The Frollo team recently released a major update, bringing more automation, better personalisation and a redesign to its consumer app and PFM platform.

This update also brought Open Banking to Android, something Australians had been waiting for since the Consumer Data Right launched last year.

The Frollo PFM platform

The free Frollo consumer app offers users a way to turn around their finances in a few simple steps. Their Personal Finance Management (PFM) platform enables businesses to do the same for their customers, by branding their own white label version of the app, or integrating Frollo’s SDKs and APIs into their own app..