Fifteen seconds

Buying is so quick, you’ll have time to sit down and enjoy some of your new coins thinking about what pretty stuff you want to buy, enjoy a coffee & desert, send overseas to a charity, or buy that boat you dreamed of without talking to your bank for an hour to clear the transfer.

Get ahead

Be innovative, get ahead of the crowd. Bitcoin is changing the world: from third-world traders who can sell their wares internationally for lots of small transactions, through to Virgin Galactic offering flights to space for Bitcoin

Leading exchanges

BitRocket connects you to the best Bitcoin money markets to get you great rates. That way your Bitcoin can go even further. Watching the price of your Bitcoin holdings vary can also be fun, and some Bitcoin advocates advise holding at least a small amount of Bitcoin long-term.

No risk

No risky and complex dealings with foreign exchanges, bank wire fees or local meet-ups with strangers. You also don’t need to time your transaction to get the right rate. When you use BitRocket ATMs you get exactly the rate on the screen and it is done in seconds, the Bitcoin is then safely in your wallet!